Information Technologist, PhD Candidate, Lecturer, Tutor in Sydney, Australia



Blair Wang is a PhD Candidate supervised by academics from UNSW and The University of Sydney. His PhD in Information Systems (topic: Critical Theory Perspectives on Location-Independent Digital Work and Digital Nomadism) is supervised by Prof. Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic, Prof. Daniel Schlagwein, and Dr. Michael C. Cahalane. Papers as part of this project include:

Wang B., Schlagwein D., Cecez-Kecmanovic D., & Cahalane M.C., 2018, ‘Digital Work and High-Tech Wanderers: Three Theoretical Framings and a Research Agenda for Digital Nomadism’, paper presented at the Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS), December, Sydney (Australia).

Wang B., Schlagwein D., Cecez-Kecmanovic D., & Cahalane M.C., 2019, ‘Digital Nomadism and the Market Economy: Resistance and Compliance’, paper to be presented at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Decemeber, Munich (Germany).

Blair delights in collaborating with other Information Systems researchers including his Honours (2015) project supervisors Dr. Eric T. K. Lim and Dr. Christine Van Toorn, as well as other colleagues in Sydney such as Dr. Sebastian Boell.

Wang B., Lim E.T.K., & Van Toorn C., 2016, ‘Gimme Money! Designing Digital Entrepreneurial Crowdfunding Platforms for Persuasion and its Social Implications’, paper presented at the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), July, Chiayi (Taiwan).

Boell S. & Wang B., 2019, (Details redacted for review)

Blair holds a Bachelor of Information Systems (Co-op, Honours) from UNSW (2015).


As a PhD Candidate and Educator-in-Training, Blair currently works with his PhD (and former Honours) supervisors across both UNSW and Sydney University to learn from their diverse styles of teaching and equip himself to make a meaningful impact on Information Systems education in Australia.

INFS2605 (Intermediate Business Programming) at UNSW — Lecturer, 2019-present, delegated by Dr. Michael C. Cahalane and Dr. Yenni Tim, managing an excellent team of tutors (Ari Mouzakis, Jacob Meyerowitz, Kathy Xu, Phoebe Zhou).

INFS1020 (Digital Work Environments) at Sydney University — Lead Tutor, 2019-present, delegated by Prof. Daniel Schlagwein (Course Coordinator), working with Mike Seymour (Lecturer), managing an excellent team of tutors (Allen Au, Erica Soon).

INFS5978 (Accounting Information Systems) at UNSW — Guest Lecturer (Topic: Cybersecurity for Accounting Information Systems), 2018-2019, delegated by Dr. Eric T.K. Lim (Lecturer), working with Dr. Christine Van Toorn (Lecturer).

COMM5011 (Business Data Analysis) at UNSW — Tutor, 2018-2019, delegated by Dr. Christine Van Toorn (Lecturer), working with Dr. Vincent Pang (Head Tutor).

INFS1609 (Introductory Business Programming) at UNSW — Tutor, 2018, delegated by Dr. Yenni Tim (Lecturer), working with Wilbert Wu (Head Tutor).

INFS3605 (Information Systems Capstone Project) at UNSW — Grading, 2018, delegated by Dr. Michael C. Cahalane (Lecturer), working with David Kong (Tutor).

INFS3617 (Networks and Cybersecurity) at UNSW — Tutor, 2018, delegated by Dr. Yenni Tim (Lecturer).

INFS1020 (Digital Work Environments) at Sydney University — Guest Lecturer (Topic: Digital Productivity Techniques) and Tutor, 2018, delegated by Prof. Daniel Schlagwein (Lecturer).

INFS3611 (Information Systems Project 1) at UNSW — Grading, 2015, delegated by Prof. Daniel Schlagwein (Lecturer).

INFS(1602|1603|1609) at UNSW — PASS (Peer-Assisted Study Sessions) Leader, 2015, working with Dr. Eric T.K. Lim (Lecturer), Prof. Daniel Schlagwein (Lecturer), and Dr. Ben Choi (Lecturer).

Blair holds a completion certificate from the UNSW Business School Tutor Training Program (2018) and is currently working towards a completion certificate from the Sydney University Business School Tutor Development Program (2019).


As a programming educator and former technical consultant, Blair has worked on a number of computer coding projects. Most of them are relatively small-scale.

Nomadsmap (PHP, JavaScript, Leaflet) - Geographic Visualisation of Digital Nomads' movements in collaboration with Julian Prester and Prof. Daniel Schlagwein. Works best in Google Chrome.

IS Conferences Timeline (HTML, CSS) - Key dates for major Information Systems (IS) research conferences. This is a very simple page, but for some reason it hadn't been done before.

liveworldmap (Bash, Cron) - Make your Mac or Linux wallpaper a live world map using NASA imagery.

pdfworks (Bash) - Simple scripts to manipulate PDF files (mostly for scanned papers). Works on any *nix environment with Ghostscript and pdftk.

stack-kvp (Python) - Simple script to stack Key-Value Pairs.

Connections Australia Census Visualisation (PHP, JavaScript, Leaflet) - Interactive map of cultural and religious communities in Sydney, Australia. (Developed in professional role, see below.)

Custom Visualizations for Datorama (JavaScript) - Documentation about the integration of a cloud-based SaaS analytics engine with open-source libraries like d3 and plotly. (Developed in professional role, see below.)


Blair has contributed to communities in a number of pro-social volunteering roles:

OneHeart Sydney (a project of the Uniting Church in Australia) - Elected Lay-Leader, 2018-present.

UNSW Business School ISTM - Being Blair's alma mater, Blair occasionally helps out: Experience UNSW Business Day (21 May 2019), UNSW Business School Orientation (12 Feb 2019).

UNSW BITSA - The Information Systems student society at UNSW. Blair served as IT Director in 2013 and designed the current logo in 2015, so, he still occasionally attends events or tries to help out.

UNSW Women in Technology - This relatively new student society at UNSW was established in 2015 by Blair's former students, so despite not being a woman in technology (but someone who wishes to see unreasonable stereotypes challenged!), he still occasionally attends events or tries to help out.


Prior to starting his PhD to join the academic world, Blair worked in a number of IT-related roles:

Connections Australia — Software Engineer, 2017-2018.

Datorama Sydney — Client Success Executive, 2016-2017.

IBM Global Business Services — Technical Consultant, 2016.

IBM Global Business Services — Intern Consultant, 2014-2015.

American Express Technologies — Intern Business Analyst, 2014.

Origin Energy Project Management Office — Intern Analyst, 2013.